wardrobe consulting 

Do you feel confident in what you are wearing every day? Your image is your brand and desiring to love yourself and the way you look is the best gift that you could ever give to yourself. During our wardrobe consultation, we schedule private time together where we discuss your personal needs and create a plan of action that works for you and your lifestyle. We create a beautiful lifestyle that will inspire you and help you feel fabulous every day.

We incorporate

fashion, food, fitness & faith

into every aspect of your closet, your life and into every ensemble.

image makeover

Are you ready to fall deeply and passionately in love with yourself? Let’s create a journey of self-realization and compassion for you to follow every day. You will learn to wake up with a positive attitude, get dressed for success and give yourself moments of reflection, all bringing peace and joy to your life. You will feel lighter, more fabulous and self-confident in all aspects of your life. We create a safe bond and friendship together that will encourage and motivate you to be the best you. Package includes 4 one-hour private confidence sessions, a daily devotional, weekly check-in, and a customized personal living plan.

2 Month Session $1000 ($100 per additional hour.) Available for travel. Additional fees may apply.


closet makeover

Self-confidence is the best accessory that you can wear. Confidence commands attention and transforms us into who we want to be. Sometimes simply wearing a fabulous outfit can set the tone for success in your entire day. We take a journey deep into your closet and determine your own personal style. We look at the pieces that you have and love, what pieces you are missing and then create a lookbook of ensembles that make you feel gorgeous and they will free you from the stress of getting dressed. You simply flip through the lookbook each morning and choose the ensemble that best suits your plans for the day.

4 Hour Session $500 ($100 per additional hour).  Available for travel. Additional fees may apply.


inspired style box

We start with a private consultation where we discuss your personal needs and create a plan of action that works for your lifestyle. You will be provided inspirational photos and sample looks to determine the best shapes and styles for you. I then send you photos or pieces suited for you and that can be easily mixed and matched together. You will learn how to create the perfect look for all occasions with the pieces that you purchase. You will easily turn 8 pieces into 30 or more outfits.  You will learn not only how to mix the pieces together but also how to incorporate them into your current wardrobe. You will glow with confidence.

4 Hour Session $500 or choose an Inspired Style Box as described on the Inspired Style Box page.