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Let’s play dress up! I offer a variety of personal services to entertain and inspire you. Plan an Inspired Style Pop Up and get your squad together for some serious motivation, update your look with a custom Inspired Style Box or treat yourself to the ultimate Private Closet Consult. Every single service is customized for you!



style pop up

I love playing dress-up with you! Inspired Style Pop-Ups are my way of sharing my expertise to help you to feel confident. I created the pop-ups to teach you step by step the process of how to create multiple ensembles out of only a few pieces of clothing. Invite your friends, chill the bubbly and get ready to be inspired by everything in your closet in new ways. Style Pop-Ups can be scheduled in person or virtually. 

  1. Pick Your Date
  2. Invite Your Squad
  3. Celebrate in Style

style box

An Inspired Style Box is fabulousness curated just for you. We get to know each other during a virtual consultation, you give me a budget, and then I send you inspiration every month. I teach you how to mix those pieces together and help you discover ways to use them in your own wardrobe. You will feel confident from the outside in and the inside out every single day. You can adjust your budget any time you want.

  1. Private Consult
  2. Set Your Budget
  3. Play Dress Up

closet consult

Do you want to turn your closet into your own personal boutique? Would you like to look at your existing wardrobe with new inspiration and confidence?  Let’s play dress-up together! We will edit your wardrobe, style your closet with boutique touches, and add new wardrobe pieces. We can even create a gorgeous lookbook to reference every time you get dressed. You will be inspired to put on your confidence with every ensemble.

  1. Private Consult
  2. Edit Your Closet
  3. Create a New Wardrobe

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