closet consulting

Do you want to turn your existing wardrobe into a space of inspiration and confidence? How about turning your closet into your own personal boutique? We will take a journey together and sort through every item, remove what does not spark excitement, create space for the items that are needed and then create a lookbook of ensembles that will have you feeling gorgeous and stress free every single day. Here are the 3 simple steps to creating magic in your closet.

private consulting

We spend about 30-45 minutes together in your closet discussing each item including clothing, accessories and jackets. We discuss lifestyle and wardrobe needs. We remove any items that do not excite you.

let's go shopping

We determine what items you are missing and obtain them for you. On average, most women need to add about 3 pieces to create a working wardrobe. We introduce items that tie together the pieces you have.

create a look book

I come into your closet alone and pull everything out. I curate self confidence boosting beautiful looks using all of your clothing and accessories to create a gorgeous hard cover lookbook to inspire you each morning.

contact me

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