closet consulting

Do you want to turn your closet into your own personal boutique? Would you like to look at your existing wardrobe with new inspiration and confidence?  Let’s play dress-up together. We will edit your wardrobe during a virtual consultation, style your closet with boutique touches and add new wardrobe pieces with a gorgeous lookbook for you to reference every time you get dressed. You will be inspired to put on your confidence with every ensemble.  

private consulting

We start with a virtual consultation of your closet discussing each item you own. This includes clothing, accessories, and jackets. We create a plan for your lifestyle and wardrobe needs. We remove any items that do not excite you.

let's go shopping

We determine what items you love, what you are missing and then create a list of what is needed to create the wardrobe of your dreams. I will send you a Style Box filled with items and instructions on how to mix all of the pieces together.

create a look book

I curate a lookbook of inspiration using your new items to inspire you and teach you how to mix and match everything in your closet. Your  self confidence will be boosted and you will learn how to create your own fabulous ensembles.

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