I am so excited to invite you into my world and I cannot wait to get to know you. My passion is to show you how to love yourself, live a life full of peace and inspire you to follow your dreams through fashion, food, fitness, and faith. A fabulous and blessed life is all about finding balance and being inspired every day. My experience in guiding people in discovering their self-confidence through styling has taught me that every individual is unique but that we all truly want the same things. We want to feel good about ourselves and have confidence in who we are in our daily life. I firmly believe that there are four components to happiness – FASHION, FOOD, FITNESS & FAITH. Every person’s combination of those four components is different. My passion is helping you unlock your confidence, maximize your wardrobe and show you how to create inspiration in your life. You will fall in love with yourself and enjoy peace and harmony in your life.

I have over 20 years of experience in not just personal styling but in executive and editorial as well. I love working directly with individuals and watching them grow and change. I also love showing business owners how to increase profitability and motivate their team by creating an environment where everyone is inspired and wants to impress. In addition to one on one consulting, I specialize in motivational speaking and event production.  I am well versed in social media, television hosting and I have written at least a hundred columns for magazines. Each experience with me is geared towards helping people turn their dreams into attainable confidence.  Whether it be through Image Consulting, Motivational Speaking or joining me at one of my Inspired Confidence retreats you will enjoy a journey of self-discovery and love. Come on this journey with me and let’s inspired each other.



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