I am so excited to invite you into my world and I cannot wait to get to know you. My passion is to show you how to love yourself, live a life full of peace and inspire you to follow your dreams through fashion, food, fitness, and faith. A fabulous and blessed life is all about finding balance and being inspired every day. My experience in guiding people in discovering their self-confidence through styling has taught me that every individual is unique but that we all truly want the same things. We want to feel good about ourselves and have confidence in who we are in our daily life. I firmly believe that there are four components to happiness – FASHION, FOOD, FITNESS & FAITH. Every person’s combination of those four components is different. My passion is helping you unlock your confidence, maximize your wardrobe and show you how to create inspiration in your life. You will fall in love with yourself and enjoy peace and harmony in your life.

I have over 20 years of experience in not just personal styling but in executive and editorial as well. I love working directly with individuals and watching them grow and change. I also love showing business owners how to increase profitability and motivate their team by creating an environment where everyone is inspired and wants to impress. In addition to one on one consulting, I specialize in motivational speaking and event production.  I am well versed in social media, television hosting and I have written at least a hundred columns for magazines. Each experience with me is geared towards helping people turn their dreams into attainable confidence.  Whether it be through Image Consulting, Motivational Speaking or joining me at one of my Inspired Confidence retreats you will enjoy a journey of self-discovery and love. Come on this journey with me and let’s inspired each other. XO


I’ve known Isha Casagrande personally and professionally for over 20 years. She is our stylist consultant for NBC News 4 and Fox 11 in Reno, Nevada.  She has a great eye for what looks professional and appropriate with each of our individual on-air talents, even holding group styling sessions.  She’s built credibility with our staff and effortlessly navigates what can be delicate conversations. Her consultation in hair, makeup and clothing colors has made a big difference in supporting our brand.  Isha is passionate, professional and is considered a key part of our team.

Amie Chapman

General Manager | Fox 11 | News 4 | My 21 TV

Isha came into my life and everything changed.  She cleaned out my closet and defined my style. She taught me how different I could look with just a few key changes.  I felt so good going out for the first time in my life.  She created a lookbook of ensembles using what I already had. I was amazed at how many different looks she created. Isha is perfect for the woman like me that has no idea how to put confidence building looks together.  She saved me time and money by working with what I had and building on it.  She is reliable, honest, has an incredible sense of humor and she has a heart of gold.

Katie Coombs

Public Speaker | Writer | Radio Host

I have to admit, I attended the Inspired Confidence Retreat with a slight bit of skepticism. It didn’t take long, and within just a few minutes I truly began to enjoy myself and feel completely comfortable and at home with all of these exceptional women. Throughout the day, it slowly dawned on me that this (for me) is an awakening. An awakening to the potential of me! This retreat has provided me a positive foundation, not to change who I am but to make who I am the best version that I can be. Isha is a wonderfully inspirational human being with a vision that all women from all walks of life will benefit from.

Gennifer McNeely

Entrepreneur | The Purple Spade

Isha is one of the most creative people know. She developed a huge following over the years. She makes you feel fabulous personally and in your wardrobe.  Her fashion shows and events create a bonding of friendship, styling, and education on all the latest trends. I have worked with Isha as Director of Membership at a Private Country Club and as a Personal Executive Assistant and my clientele has complete trust and faith in her. She is professional, efficient and follows through.  My clients are wowed by smart Isha puts everything together.  She makes fashion fun, effortless and makes you feel fabulous.

Linda Beatty

Owner | LRB Executive Services

This beautiful woman has a light about her. She has the ability to make you look at the wonderful things about yourself and inspires you to feel beautiful and love yourself, so in turn, you can love those around you. I was blessed enough to share my story of forgiveness which helped others but truly released my wings to fly forward into the beautiful life God has for me. Isha knew my story and wanted others to hear it, but I think the real reason she had me speak was that she knew it was time for me. Her intuition knew I needed to share and that I would find peace. I strongly encourage all women to attend one of her retreats.

Kelley Perotti

Owner | Conviction Martial Arts

Isha Casagrande has been the emcee/Hostess for the Hootchy Kootchy Girls Vintage Cabaret (a 1940’s vaudevillian style show) for many years.  She is the best emcee that I have ever worked with.  She is professional, prepared, funny, intelligent and flexible. She creates energy in the audience that makes each guest feel like the show was specifically designed for them. She knows the value of audience participation and engages not only them but the performers as well.  She adds entertainment to even the most serious of topics and situations. I highly recommend her for your next event, she will not disappoint.

Erin Chandler

Creator | Director | Producer