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As a professional stylist, image coach, and wardrobe consultant, Isha Casagrande has helped shape the looks and lifestyles of women around the globe. Her cachet for transforming ordinary stylings into runway ensembles has created opportunities across the media spectrum – from TV personality and fashion editor to columnist, online influencer, fashion show producer, and more.

As an entrepreneur, Isha has amplified her couture creativity into Isha Inspired – a lifestyle brand focused on styling beauty from the inside out. Her mission begins with a simple premise: “Confidence is the most fabulous accessory a person can wear.”

Through fashion, food, fitness, and faith, Isha is dedicated to guiding women on a journey of discovery. A journey to find the best versions of themselves…and fall in love with the skin they’re in. “Fashion is not just about what you’re wearing, but how you feel about yourself in what you’re wearing.”

Isha’s passion for inspiring self-confidence is something she takes personally. Recognizing that every person’s dreams – and every person’s path – are unique, Isha prioritizes meaningful one-on-one connections with her clients and customers.

From the passion for fashion she shares through bubbly social media “dress up” broadcasts (occasionally co-starring her son and business partner Blake) to upbeat Jazzercise videos, signature champagne toasts, and more, there’s a warm, infectious celebration of the soul that glows through every facet of Isha Inspired.

It’s a joy and a happiness Isha Casagrande hopes will be reflected in each person. Every time they look in the mirror.


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