Isha Inspired is a lifestyle. It is a place for you to fall in love with yourself passionately. The mission is very simple. Confidence is the most fabulous accessory that you can wear. We style your beauty from the inside out and then show you how to dress that from the outside in. We want you to look in the mirror every day and fall in love with what you see and feel. We are passionate about self-confidence and living a life full of happiness.

Welcome to our inspired world of fashion, food, fitness, and faith. 

Isha is a style expert with over 20 years of experience in personal, executive, and editorial styling. Her desire is to show every woman how to burst with confidence, grow with passion, and inspire others through their personal change. Blake, her son, and business partner has been raised knowing that we have to love ourselves to live a beautiful life. He is passionate about fashion and has assisted his mom since he was a toddler. Together they create, inspire, and love.  

Fashion is not what you are wearing but how you feel about yourself in what you are wearing. Food is all about how you nourish your body. Fitness is how you motivate your body. Faith is about how you spend quiet time with your heart.   

Come on an adventure with us and we will inspire you to unlock your confidence, maximize your wardrobe and show you how to create inspiration for yourself every day. Your dreams about living a fabulously passionate life are about to come true!

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