i love me |


Are you inspired in your life? Do you wake up every day and look in the mirror and find something to love? It is not an easy journey to discover your own beauty. It is not easy to find the good in yourself instead of picking apart the things we do not like. I am in love with myself. I really am. Some days it is harder to find the good than others…but I really do love who I am. I can also admit how hard it is to say that. I am almost embarrassed. Insecure. It is easy to get caught up in what others might think. Will they judge me? Will they see all of my flaws and laugh at me that I find beauty in that? What if everyone else thinks I am not good enough? Pretty enough? Entertaining enough? Inspiring enough?

These are the moments when I know I have found true peace. I can turn inward to myself and to God and feel confident in who I am and what I look like. I am not perfect…but I am me…and nobody else can ever be that. I remember sitting in church once and my pastor talking about how we all receive new bodies in heaven. He held up a picture of a buffed man in a gold speedo with his face taped to it. He makes me laugh. He has had a hard life with many surgeries ravaging his body. This is something he looks forward to. No pain. No scars. I, however, sat in the pew and thought…”I don’t want a new body…I want this one…this is mine”. It surprised me. Actually…it shocked me. I have always found flaws in myself. I have always hated my cellulite and stretch marks. I have always wished I was skinnier, prettier, perfect. I have always been hard on myself. Talking to myself in disgust when I eat too much. Belittling myself when I cannot wear clothes in my closet. Telling myself that I am not worthy of love. But, in this moment, I did not want to give up my body. This is how God made me and I am perfect….perfectly me. Flawed and scarred but I am also so much more….

I am strong. I am passionate. I am loving. I have a deep desire to inspire others. I need to help others. I am pretty. I am sexy.


I want you to fall in love with yourself. I want you to look in the mirror and in your heart and like what you see. Come on this self-love journey with me. Share what you love about you. I already know that I love you.

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