unexpected salad |


My guy and I have been trying a plant-based diet. We both love to eat healthy and enjoy just about every vegetable there is so it makes it easy…but it is also a delicate balance of protein and carbs. I love working with leftovers. I never waste anything. Most of the time I am intentional with what I buy but we ended a weekend full of house guests so I had a mix of things left over. I like to challenge myself to create new combinations using my favorites in different ways. The other night I was at a loss of what to make and I had several leftovers or small quantity items. I decided to mix them all up and see what happened. The result was amazing! I combined grilled corn on the cob from the night before, olive tapenade and hummus from weekend snacks and the last of three kinds of lettuce to create a unique, fulfilling and spectacular salad. There was so much flavor in every single bite. This salad was created by accident but is now a staple in our house. Enjoy!





Combine red leaf lettuce, spinach and butter leaf in a bowl. Top with 1-2 ears of grilled corn, chopped Persian cucumbers, diced red onions, and quinoa. I used a few tablespoons of Greek vinaigrette and I added a tablespoon of hummus and about 1/8 cup olive tapenade. Mix all ingredients together and top with pepitas. YUM!