hello fabulous!

I AM OBSESSED!!!! The cut of this dress is EVERYTHING!!!! I want it so much so in any color and pattern that I choose that I am seriously looking into launching my own line. I have been a style specialist for over 20 years and I know what women love, what looks good on them and what they want. Be on the watch…..I am very INSPIRED!

Check out this handful of pieces that I used in unique ways. I hope you are inspired to look at your wardrobe differently and try using your ownr pieces in new ways. Let me know your thoughts!!

What is Isha Inspired? A place for you to celebrate style, fall in love with yourself and learn to be confident in every single outfit you put on. I have been a wardrobe consultant for over 20 years. As a prior boutique owner, I continue to style people, closets, vacations, editorial publications, and fashion shows. I know what works for every occasion and every moment of your life. I share my passion online so you have access anytime you need a little inspiration. Each week you will see a new style tip designed to help you find passion in your closet. Click the “Shop” button to purchase items and peruse the “Blog” page to get inspired by videos that teach you how to utilize clothes in a whole new way!  You will be inspired to play dress up in your own closet and will seek confidence in everything you wear.

Stop in each week to see the latest inspiring style videos and enjoy a few giggles on my style adventures.  I will show you how to love yourself, feel fabulous every day and inspire you to look in the mirror each morning and find something to love. I am passionate about showing you how to be the most fabulous you through fashion, food, fitness, and faith. All of these things combined create a gorgeous you!

Let’s get inspired!




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