hello fabulous!

I love playing dress up! It was my favorite thing to do even when I was young. I would and still do try and challenge myself every day in every ensemble to see if I can find a new way to wear it. I rarely wear the same thing the same way. I even get creative with my accessories. Did you know that you can use any scarf multiple ways? Check out this soft and playful infinity scarf. I played with it even more after the shoot and found countless ways to wear it…but here are just a few to inspire you. 

Don’t have an infinity scarf? Just tie the ends together of a regular scarf and transform it into one! Show me your favorite way to wear a scarf. 

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Stop in each week to see the latest inspiring style videos and enjoy a few giggles on my style adventures.  I will show you how to love yourself, feel fabulous every day and inspire you to look in the mirror each morning and find something to love. I am passionate about showing you how to be the most fabulous you through fashion, food, fitness, and faith. All of these things combined create a gorgeous you!

Let’s get inspired!




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